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Let's Make a Difference Together in Stratford

I will open the doors and the windows at City Hall.

You will decide the kind of city you want Stratford to be.

For politics to work for all of the people of Stratford,

it has to include all of the people of Stratford.

I will be your full-time City Councillor.

From October 11th to the 24th, please vote for

Alan Kasperski for Stratford City Councillor


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I was born in Barrie, Ontario, Canada into a military family. I have lived in Calgary, Shrivenham, Ottawa, Calgary (again), Barrie (again), Chislehurst, Lethbridge, Vancouver, Jackson Hole, Richmond Hill, Toronto, and North York … while I have lived in many places, I chose Stratford as my home, my forever home.


I chose Stratford after considering many other genuinely nice communities across Ontario. You feel the weight of the world lift from your shoulders as you travel along Highway 7/8 into Perth County. As you drive into the city, there is a certain feel to the community. Whether it is the red and yellow brick Century homes, the Ontario cottages, the historic City Hall, the Perth County Courthouse, the many fine shops and restaurants on Ontario, Wellington, Downie, and all points in between, there is a sense that this a community where anyone would be happy to live, work, and thrive in.


Stratford has the services you would expect and hope for - an excellent hospital, its own emergency services, good schools, a university campus, plenty of places to play all sorts of sports, superb restaurants for all tastes, great hotels and b&b's to stay in, a rugby club, and there is a swan-patrolled river running through it. It has the world-renowned Stratford Festival and its’ four beautiful theatres. Stratford’s special events are just as vibrant as the city itself; every year, drawing visitors from all over the world to discover art, music, and cultural experiences. And the Bacon & Ale Trail is a real thing!


My first job was washing glasses in an English pub. Since then, I have worked in a Prime Minister's Office, was employee #6 when Dell Canada opened its doors, trained as a systems analyst, sold commercial trucks and cars for Nissan, opened real estate franchises for Century 21 as it set up shop in Canada, was the executive producer of the City In Sight podcast, wrote a back-page column for a Rugby magazine, produced market intelligence reports for a handful of European companies considering entering the market in North America, and organised an academic conference – Constitutional Space for Cities - in 2021 at Massey College.  After two years of no rugby, I coached the Stratford District Secondary School Junior Boys rugby team to the Huron-Perth Championship and a berth in the Ontario Championship, Barbarian Cup.  I have campaigned for candidates I believed in and have worked as a supervising deputy returning officer in almost every election for more than 30 years.


Stratford is our home.

I hope to serve you, the people of Stratford, as your full-time City Councillor.

On October 24th, 2022, please vote for Alan Kasperski for Stratford City Councillor

Thank you


How I Will Work For You

These are just a few ideas that I have heard from people I have met as I campaign in Stratford.  I am certain that there are many, many more ideas that you would like to have considered.  Please do not hesitate to drop me an email or give me a call.  I will be happy to hear your ideas about how we can work together to keep Stratford the wonderful place that it is for many years to come. I will listen to you, get the answers to your questions, and work closely with all of you to make the decisions that will continue to make Stratford such a good place to live. You will be a key part of decision-making – from start to finish. 

I will hold regular Town Hall meetings for the public, once a month, in each of the five Wards in Stratford. This will give us all a chance to talk with and listen to each other.

I will work hard, with you, to make sure that your participation matters and to make local politics a little more enjoyable ... and a lot more Respectful of those we serve.
I will work with you to make certain that your city government is as efficient and effective as it can be – so that none of your tax dollars are misspent or wasted. I will recommend “My Stratford Idea” … where anyone can propose an idea that saves the tax-payer money.  Those ideas will be evaluated, costed, and (the best ones) implemented with credit given.

Together, CivicTechStratford will experiment with new approaches and best practices for local government, learn from our successes and failures, and seek to constantly grow, improve, and innovate.  There are many cities across Ontario and around the world that we can learn from and collaborate with.

I will begin a discussion about Participatory Budgeting for Stratford … a process where you decide how to spend a portion of the city budget in your neighbourhoods – whether it is a breakfast programme in an elementary school, a splash pad in a playground, or planting flowers in the boulevards, it will be your decisions. 

I will recommend that Community Councils be established, in each Ward, as sub-committees of the City Council. These Community Councils will include a pair of city councillors and community representatives; dealing with local planning and day-to-day neighbourhood matters. 

I will introduce the idea of a program called imagine STRATFORD ... which will develop Stratford's long-range urban sustainability plan. 

Together with the whole community of Stratford, we will create a shared vision for our city and a detailed roadmap on how to get there.

Through a focus on goals and targets in five interrelated systems, the imagine STRATFORD plan will put everyone in Stratford on a shared path towards urban sustainability and shared prosperity.

I will work, with the CAO, to find Office Space at City Hall for all members of City Council -  so that when you need to find us, you will know where to find us.

I would open a conversation about how to make communications, from City Hall to the people of Stratford, better and more useful ... less reliant on social and traditional media and (perhaps) more direct through regular newsletters with everyone in the city